Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring An Accountant

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Recording your income and expenses isn’t a difficult task, but it does take time and effort. How you do it relies on your personal preference. But if you don’t have the time or think that your time is worth more than what you’d pay someone else, you can engage professional help. Whether it is for yourself and or your company, hiring an accountant will give you peace of mind knowing that a professional is handling your accounting and bookkeeping functions at all times. 

With thorough knowledge of tax and accounting laws and regulations, an accountant can help people with all their accounting and tax-related needs. By hiring a professional you can depend on, you have the energy and resources you need to focus on growing your business.

But who to choose exactly? Unfortunately, there are many accountants out there who don’t live up to their clients’ expectations. This is why, with so many different types of professionals to choose from, selecting one who aids your business and assists you grow is vital. To help simplify your search, here is a list of the top five things to look for when hiring an accountant.

1. Well qualified
Educational eligibility and certifications are fundamental ingredients for success in the accounting field. Choosing a qualified accountant ensures that they have a working knowledge of the theoretical aspects of accounting. It is essential to hire someone who is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). Don’t hesitate to ask for proof of qualifications. Request to see their certificates and ask them about the training programs they have attended. 

2. Experience
Along with certificates, an accountant should have practical knowledge backed by experience. In real-life situations, a business will face many finance and accounting-related issues, which an accountant will manage only if they have practical experience in the field. You can ask them to tell you about their client’s industries and the unique aspects of those industries.

3. Approachable
Often, you may not follow accounting jargon or specific technical aspects. In such situations, it will benefit if the accountant is available and willing to explain it to you in the most transparent way possible. If an accountant is not kind and approachable, it may affect your understanding of your investments. Every business has its language, so they should explain the terminology used to understand it.

4. Pricing
Look around and see who is offering you the best package. International and large national CPA firms that provide accounting services charge a higher service price than the local CPA accounting firms’ average fee. Find out if firms charge additional fees for business travels, special offers and expert consultation. After considering all these factors, you can hire the one that provides value for your money. 

5. Honest
Your accountant should treat you and your business with respect and interest. They should be honest, transparent, cooperative and welcome your questions at any time. Since all your financial details will be with your accountant, hire an accountant who looks out for their client’s best interest. They should never let any biased opinion influence a decision about a client’s work. One way to gauge this point is by reading reviews and speaking with past clients. 

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