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As a business owner, you are likely to at some point need assistance in managing your accounts and maintaining your books. Additionally, filing your taxes can be cumbersome depending on the size and scale of your business and require professional tax preparation assistance. 

Grant Fullerton, the owner of Account On Fullerton, is a professional bookkeeper who can provide these essential services helping to empower you as a business owner. He can educate you on your finances, provide a proper set of books, and utilize your data to show you where your business could improve and save you money. The services he provides are extremely valuable.

At Account On Fullerton, we ensure you have all the necessary information to make educated strategic decisions while also offering additional services essential to running a profitable business. All in all, your success is our success.

From government reporting to your tax preparation and filing, we handle it all and file the documentation necessary to meet these deadlines. We also make sure that the whole family participates in this process to transfer necessary credits to a higher income and thus save the most amount of taxes possible.

This said, even if you just need advice, come in and talk to us. We discuss the rules for operating an efficient, low-cost, audit-proof set of books in this meeting. We also discuss the different roles each of us plays in the business's smooth operation. Following some specific rules will allow you to operate your business efficiently and allows us to record these activities in the proper category in which they are intended.

Grant also offers advice on the purchase of vehicles and equipment. From what to buy, when to buy, and what name it should be purchased under, we ensure that you know it all. Not following our advice could cost you higher HST input tax credit for that purchase.

For more details, reach out to Grant at Account On Fullerton. Grant Fullerton was born and raised in North Bay. He graduated from Canadore College in 1984 and has a background in financial planning and Canadian securities. After working with a lawyer and learning about the diverse aspects of running a business, he chose accounting services as his final career and opened his practice in 1997. Since then, he has been offering business and bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized businesses.

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