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    Starting a New Business?

Assistance With New Business Startups And Incorporations

We specialize in business startups and can take care of the paperwork required to create your corporation (no lawyer required!) We can aid and advise you regarding the internal controls that support your business. Contact us today for free advice.

Do you incorporate or not? How do you set up payroll? What about worker’s comp? We can answer all your startup questions and also procure your Business Number, HST Number, WSIB and payroll numbers. Let us handle your startup paperwork and registrations, all the way from the name search stage to the incorporation paperwork (if you need it).

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Thinking of starting a new business? Reach out for help.

Should You Lease or Buy a Building For Your New Business?

We can help you decide whether it makes more sense financially for you to get into the real estate game, or whether you’re better off renting space for your company startup.

Should You Buy or Lease Vehicles?

The tax implications are very different, depending whether you buy cars or lease–even if you’re a small business owner or a sole proprietor. The next time you need a vehicle, ask us about the difference between buying or leasing your fleet or company cars.

Hire Staff, or Work with Contractors?

If you’re not sure which is the best way to build your workforce, come speak to us and we can help you weigh your options. Account on Fullerton can help you understand the difference between being an employer, and working with contract staff.

Track And Understand Your Financials

Account on Fullerton provides monthly and yearly financials, including year-to-date (YTD) to help you track how your new business is doing. We can help you avoid common startup pitfalls and make sure you stay current with Revenue Canada.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

We can help you set up a business (and household) budget, and how to leverage debt in a healthy manner. You also need to be very careful to set aside HST from your sales correctly, so you’re able to remit your HST to Canada Revenue Agency on time. We can help you work out a good system to keep your cash flow moving.

What Receipts Should You Keep?

At first, keep everything. Bring it to us and we’ll help you determine what’s deductible: meals, gas, office supplies etc.

Helpful Advice Through Years of Experience

For example: you should always use your business credit card to pay your expenses. Why? Credit receipts are much better in case of an audit, because auditors know you can’t get cash back on a credit transaction. If you have debit receipts, your expense totals are questionable.

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