The deadline for filing 2020 taxes is till April 30, 2021
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Our Tax Services:

North Bay Tax Services can assist with financial planning, tax preparation, corporate taxes, estate planning and investing. We don’t charge for financial advice. Email us at with your tax questions.

If necessary, we can also represent you during audits.

Do You Buy Tax Software Every Year?

Save time (and money on your software licenses) by hiring us to prepare your taxes. We can represent you to Canada Revenue Agency, and for the cost of your tax return we’ll send any supplemental documents they may ask for after your return is filed. We’ll handle the heavy lifting.

Tax Deadlines:

Canadian personal tax returns must be filed by April 30 each year with the business component not due until June 15th.  However, for taxes owing, interest will be charged after April 30.

Personal Tax Returns North Bay

Canadian Tax Returns Done Remotely:

With current technology, we can do your Canadian personal and corporate tax returns regardless of where you are in the world:

More Information:

Corporate Tax Returns North Bay

Did you know there is a disability tax credit available if you have a family member with an illness or disability?

Call us to find out if you can benefit; we can help you apply to CRA for this longterm tax credit that applies in many cases of disability or sickness. In one case, we were able to have the credit backdated for nearly a decade, resulting in a large rebate sent to the parent.

Contact us to find out if you’re eligible!

Tax Returns North Bay

Find out if you qualify for the Disability Tax Credit.

We specialize in personal tax returns for seniors and we offer a 15% discount on our tax-filing service. We can help you manage income splitting on your returns. Remember to bring your rent or property tax receipts for the Ontario Energy and property tax credits.

We guarantee accuracy or you do not pay. Contact us today for more information.

Bank Reconciliation North Bay

We offer a discounted rate on tax returns for seniors.

Do you have a kid in college or university? Have North Bay Tax Services do your tax return, and we’ll take care of your child’s tax return free of charge.

We can also look after the tuition transfer for you for free. Save your starving student’s sanity and save yourself some money!

Tuition Transfers: Take Advantage of the Deduction

If you have a student in post-secondary, they will be assigned the tax credit, regardless of who pays for their tuition. If they can’t use it, we can transfer the amount to your tax return so you can benefit from it. Contact us for more information. Have a quick question? Email us at

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Post-Secondary Students: Get your tax return done for free!