Income Property Owners

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New Real Estate Investors:

Are you looking to get into real estate? Give us a call for some helpful advice on shopping for a mortgage, and how to manage your income properties for the highest returns.

Have a mortgage question? Email us at for more info.

Have Income Property Already?

Do you know how to leverage interest rates for the most return on your investments? Interest on loans is tax-deductible, so we can suggest ways to make your money perform better.

For example, if you have a $100K mortgage which you’ve paid down to $80K, we might recommend remortgaging your property to $100K–and investing the extra twenty thousand, to make the interest rates work in your favour.

Are you looking to get into income property ownership? Give us a call.

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Call AOF When You’re Shopping For a Mortgage

If you’re looking for a new mortgage or planning to renew or refinance, call or come in and tell us about your plans, whether they’re for income property or your primary residence. We can help you review your options, and then make suggestions to save you the most money. Contact us today!