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Our Tax Services:

North Bay Tax Services can assist with financial planning, tax preparation, corporate taxes, estate planning and investing. We don’t charge for financial advice. Email us at with your tax questions.

If necessary, we can also represent you during audits.

Do You Buy Tax Software Every Year?

Save time (and money on your software licenses) by hiring us to prepare your taxes. We can represent you to Canada Revenue Agency, and for the cost of your tax return we’ll send any supplemental documents they may ask for after your return is filed. We’ll handle the heavy lifting.

Tax Deadlines:

Canadian personal tax returns must be filed by April 30 each year with the business component not due until June 15th.  However, for taxes owing, interest will be charged after April 30.

Personal Tax Returns North Bay

Canadian Tax Returns Done Remotely:

With current technology, we can do your Canadian personal and corporate tax returns regardless of where you are in the world:

More Information:

Corporate Tax Returns North Bay